Service Hour Requirements


Parental involvement is crucial to ICCS's success and enhances your family's school experience.  Just as we require our Middle and Upper School students to perform a minimum number of community service hours, we ask ICCS parents to perform a minimum of 15 hours of service to ICCS each school year.  Hours are earned by volunteering for school events such as the Fall Festival and the Mardi Gras Dinner Auction, attending Home and School Association meetings, and other activities. Using the form below, please record your service hours to the school and turn your forms in to the office.

Parent/Guardian School Service Form

Eighth Grade Students

As part of our Middle School graduation requirements, eighth grade students must complete 24 hours of service. These hours may be performed in their church, school or community. It is each student’s responsibility to keep up with his or her service hour status and file the appropriate service hour forms with school administration. All student service hours are due in early April.

Middle School Service Hours Form 

Upper School Students

Agencies List

Verification Form

The ICCS Mission Statement challenges each student to “serve Jesus through our worship and witness,” reflecting the call of Catholic Social Teaching to build a just and peaceful society through service to the poor and vulnerable.  Upon graduation, each 4-year student must have completed a minimum of 70 hours of community service, according to the following requirements:

  • Freshmen and sophomores: a minimum 15 hours per school year; 7.5 hours per semester.
  • Juniors and seniors: a minimum 20 hours per school year; 10 hours per semester.
  • Community service must be performed for a local non-profit service organization
  • Service performed at agencies other than those listed on the website must be approved by the student’s religion teacher in advance.
  • Each year, one-half of the community service hours must be performed in DIRECT CONTACT with persons in need—the poor, the elderly, the disenfranchised, the sick, and the vulnerable.
  • All students must turn in verification of at least half of required hours by December 1.
  • Seniors must turn in verification of final service hours by April 15.
  • Juniors, sophomores, and freshmen must turn in verification of final service hours by May 1.
  • Failure to submit verification by semester deadlines will result in a grade of Incomplete for the theology semester grade. The grade of Incomplete will be changed upon receipt of verification by the close of the grading period and no later. The semester grade will be changed to a grade no higher than a 75/D.
  • Service hours must be performed between May 1 and April 15, 2020 for seniors; May 1, 2019 and May 1, 2020 for 9–11th grade students.
  • Service hour requirements for students who do not attend ICCS for four years will be prorated according to year of entry to ICCS.