Dropping Off and Picking Up Students at ICCS


Where to Enter and Exit During Drop-off and Pick-up

Please pay careful attention to these instructions and drive slowly -- no more than 10mph -- and with caution.

For all parents to note:

  • The driveway behind the Cathedral Center/Lower School is one-way only, going west toward Rozelle. 
  • There is to be no drop-off or pick-up on Rozelle or Central Avenue.  Students should only be dropped up or picked up within our campus, not the street.
  • There is no access to the Lower School from Rozelle or Central. The only entrance to the Lower School is the entrance facing York Avenue. 
  • Except for the first day of school, parents will not be able to walk their children to class; they will be escorted in by faculty. 
  • Please do not get out of your vehicle while in the drop-off or pick-up line.
  • Preschool students dismiss 15 minutes earlier than the other students so preschool parents will need to be allowed through the pick-up line first. 
  • If it is necessary for you to come into the school building close to drop-off or pick-up time, please do not park in reserved spaces.

Lower & Preschool:

  • Enter from the eastern driveway on York Avenue.
  • Proceed westerly and drop off and pick up students at the Cathedral Center/Early Childhood Center tower.
  • Exit onto Rozelle (You MUST turn left onto Rozelle).

Upper School & Middle School:

  • Enter from the eastern driveway on York Avenue
  • Drop off students at their building no earlier than 7:30am. Students should be in their classrooms, unpacked, and seated by 7:55am. Students arriving to class after 7:55am are considered tardy.
  • Middle School students will go to the Lower School to be picked up in the afternoons at 3:20pm during regular school days, and 2:20pm on Thursdays.
  • Exit from the western driveway onto York Avenue.

Parking on ¥ork Avenue

Please be respectful and considerate of our neighbors on York Avenue when parking on the street by not blocking their driveways.  When parking on York, you should be far enough away from driveways that no part of your vehicle obstructs even a portion of a driveway.  We will be making periodic checks of cars parked on the street and will ask our students and parents to move vehicles that are blocking or partially blocking driveways.