The ICCS Advantage

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From preschool to 8th grade, ICCS goes beyond the basics and provides specialized programs designed to give our students an advantage in preparing for the next educational level.  Individualized attention and a curriculum that challenges students to reach their full learning potential are the cornerstones of each specialty program. 


Preschool, Lower and Middle School

Spanish Intensity Classes

ICCS is one of the few Memphis-area schools offering Spanish intensity classes in our Preschool and Lower School.  Using music, interactive exercises, videos and games,  students as young as 3 years old learn a second language at an age when studies show foreign language skills are more easily developed.

Our Spanish intensity classes lay the foundation for advanced foreign language skills in Middle and High School. By the time your child enters the sixth grade, he or she will have a firm grasp on a second language and will be poised to expand his or her Spanish language skills in our Middle School Spanish program.


At ICCS, we believe that to train a young person to be a fully capable student, it is essential to teach from a holistic approach.  To that end, we are one of the few Memphis-area schools to incorporate mindfulness into our curriculum.  Students from pre-K through 8th grade attend mindulness classes every week. Mindfulness is a holistic learning approach that focuses on the social/emotional connection, enabling students to develop self-awareness, increase concentration and become more enlightened to the needs and feelings of others. Our mindfulness program was founded by Mrs. Suzanne Martin '78, who received training in the mindfulness curriculum developed by Mindful Schools in Oakland, California.

Reading and Writing Workshop

ICCS's Reading and Writing Workshop program is an innovative, interactive method that helps students become better writers and improve reading comprehension — skills essential to academic success in their current grade and beyond. Research shows that students become better writers when skills are taught within the actual writing process versus teaching skills in isolation.  Students in ICCS’s Writing Workshop choose a topic and genre and share their written drafts with other students or the teacher. They revise and edit their drafts and publish their work in a final copy. Writing skills such as grammar, spelling, word choice, organization, and sentence fluency are modeled, discussed, and practiced throughout the writing process.

In the Reading Workshop, students choose books to read independently and share what they are thinking, either orally or by writing their thoughts in a notebook. In addition to daily independent reading, each day the teacher reads aloud to model comprehension strategies: imagining, questioning, predicting, inferring, analyzing, evaluating, and making connections.

Response to Intervention (RTI) Approach to Learning

We believe that all students are able to learn but may differ in how they learn.  Identifying and responding to learning differences early on ensures that each student can reach his or her learning potential and achieve classroom success. Response to Intervention (RTI) is a multi-tiered approach to the early identification and support of students with learning and behavioral needs. The RTI process begins with high-quality instruction and universal screening of all children in the general education classroom. Struggling learners are identified and provided with interventions at increasing levels of intensity to accelerate their learning rate. Progress is closely monitored to assess a student's learning rate and level of performance.  Educational decisions about the intensity and duration of interventions are based on individual student response to instruction.