Mindfulness Classes Help Fourth-Graders Develop Self-Awareness

ICCS fourth-graders are becoming better focused, developing longer attention spans and becoming more self-aware, due in great part to the school's Mindfulness Curriculum.  Mindfulness — focusing awareness on the present moment — has been used for 30 years for pain management, sports and business applications. "There is a growing recognition in the field of education of the importance of social emotional learning," said ICCS religion teacher Suzanne Martin, who leads the mindfulness sessions. "In order for a young person to be fully capable and trained as a student, it is essential to teach from a holistic approach, not just academic," she said. Martin received training in the mindfulness curriculum developed by Mindful Schools in Oakland, California and introduced the curriculum to ICCS in the 2012-13 school year. Classes resumed this year in October and will  continue for eight weeks. "Many teachers indicate their classroom problems center on attention or concentration and impulse control," Martin said. "Mindfulness teaches children the skills to increase attention and awareness as well as behavior regulation."
Posted by June LaPorta at 3:51 PM
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